About Us

Our Mission

Alaska Farmland Trust Corporation (AFTC) is dedicated to preserving Alaska’s farmlands for future generations through land conservation.  AFTC is committed to educating residents on the importance of local agriculture and farmland preservation, and expanding Alaska’s agricultural infrastructure.

Our Vision

The Alaska Farmland Trust envisions a future with thriving local food markets that will give Alaskans access to fresh, healthy food, and keep our farmers farming. 

Our History

The Alaska Farmland Trust was founded with the support of Alaska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation in 2005 and is governed by a board of directors.  We are funded through generous individual donations as well as corporate and foundation grants.  The Alaska Farmland Trust is a statewide effort to protect farmlands for future generations.  

Since it became a land trust in 2006, the Alaska Farmland Trust has worked to protect 160 acres of prime agricultural lands in Alaska.

Our Goals & Strategies

In order to realize this vision, AFTC will achieve its goals in an assortment of ways.

  • Work collaboratively with landowners who wish to protect the special features of their farmland through voluntary private action.
  • Bring together diverse segments of the community to help preserve Alaska’s farmland.
  • Cooperate with resource agencies and non-government organizations on projects that benefit the community.
  • Work collaboratively with farmers, agricultural affiliates and other Alaskan based land trusts, grocery retailers, farmers markets, and community leaders to increase demand for Alaska’s agricultural products through direct marketing and coalition building.

Farmland Trusts and Alaska: The Need

Only 4% of Alaska’s farmland is accessible and viable for farming, and less than 10% of food consumed in Alaska is locally grown.  Because of this, there is an immediate need to preserve farmland and educate local populations on the agricultural opportunities available.  As oil prices, food prices, and transportation costs continue to increase, so will the cost to import global foods to Alaska.   Alaska Farmland Trust was established to be an effective and consistent voice for agriculture in Alaska and to address the major challenges and opportunities facing our agricultural future.