Land Tenure Resources

Deciding what kind of arrangement and how to structure that arrangement is important to ensure both parties have a successful relationship. Below is a list of resources to help both the landowner and land seeker determine how they will approach their arrangement.


Lease Information

Evaluating Land Rental Decisions (University of Minnesota, Center for Farm Financial Management)

Questions to Ask Before Crafting a Lease Agreement (University of Vermont) (

A Lease Agreement Guide for Landowners and Farmers (University of Vermont)

Cash Lease Fact Sheet (California Farmlink)

Lease-to-own Fact Sheet (California Farmlink)

Farm Rental Agreement Checklist (Ohio State University Extension)

Farm Rental Assessment Checklist (University of Vermont Extension)

Elements of a good lease (California Farmlink)



Other Tenure Options

Alternative Tenure Options (University of Vermont)

Information about Alternative Lease Agreements and Various Forms (North Central Farm Management Extension Committee)

Shared Equity Arrangements (Joan Snyder)

Cooperative Farming: Frameworks for Farming Together (A Greenhorn’s Guidebook, by Faith Gilbert)


For Landowners

Landowner’s Guide to Sustainable Farm Leasing (Drake University)

A Landowner’s Guide to Leasing and for Farming (The Greenhorns)

Farmland Leasing for Private Landowners: A Short Guide (The Greenhorns)

Landowner Tool Box (Drake University)

Determining Rental Rates for your farmland (University of Vermont


For Farm Seekers

 Finding Land to Farm: Six Ways to Secure Farmland (ATTRA)

Land. Liberty. Sunshine. Stamina. A mini compendium of resources for beginning farmers on the topic of finding sustainable land tenure (The Greenhorns)

Toolbox For Farm Seekers (Land for Good)



Cash Lease Form (California Farmlink)